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Airline Flight Support

Ford Aviation has been supporting airline operations for airlines for more than 25 years. Our comprehensive range of flight support services can be tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you require support with one aspect of your flight program or a complete end-to-end solution, we’re here to help.

Trusted for our service and reliability

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, and we hold all of our suppliers to the same expectation. We have extensive processes in place to ensure that service levels are maintained.

Supporting Our Airline Partners

Ground handling

We provide support across all areas of ground handling - from ticketing and check-in to aircraft cleaning, de-icing and baggage handling. Contact our team, and we’ll discuss your requirements.

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Fueling & fuel purchasing

Our team has access to the most competitive rates for fuel around the world. Thanks to our global experience and buying power, we can provide rates that are unmatched elsewhere.

Air Passenger Duty (APD) Representation


Ford Aviation provides administrative and fiscal representation for airlines around the world.


Airport slots and military PPR

Ford Aviation Services is on hand to support with all airport slot requests. Our team will plan out the most appropriate slot schedule to minimise costs and ensure overall project efficiency.

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Flight planning and Air Traffic Control (ATC) plan filing

Flight planning and ATC management can be extremely time-intensive and costly if not managed correctly. Our clients rely on us to tailor efficient flight plans and file any necessary paperwork with relevant ATCs directly.


Aviation Duty Office 

Ford Aviation provides 24/7 duty office services with our in-house ops team for complete peace of mind including flight following and monitoring, comprehensive weather and NOTAM briefings and liaising with all agencies on your behalf enroute.

Flight following and continued liaison with all agencies en route

Our 24/7/365 team is able to follow flights from pushback to unloading. As part of our flight following process, we’re in touch with all relevant parties throughout the entire flight and can act on your behalf when needed.

Front of Aircraft

Immigration and customs requirements

Streamlined customs planning is essential for efficient flight operations. We have experience with customs processes around the world and can organise any necessary paperwork and briefings before they’re needed.

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Traveling on Plane

On-board catering

Through our partner network, we can provide cost-effective and high-quality catering solutions to match any budget.

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Hotels accommodation

Oftentimes it’s necessary to organise hotel accommodation for the crew. Our 24/7/365 team has access to competitive hotel rates at convenient locations around the world.

Contact us today about your airline support needs

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