Ford Aviation - Going Further

Ford Aviation has been at the forefront of air charter and ACMI leasing services to the tour operating and airline sector for some 15 years. Our aim is to fulfil the needs of all our clients however challenging they may be.

As independent brokers we are committed to finding the best solution at the right price, every time.

Ford Aviation specialises in:

Aircraft leasing

Many airlines lease aircraft in from other carriers, or lease their aircraft out, on a temporary basis to cover seasonality of passenger demand or to provide replacements for aircraft maintenance periods. Ford Aviation’s market knowledge and broad reach has resulted in us arranging many inter airline aircraft and crew leases in the UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Aircraft chartering

Ford Aviation arrange more charter flights series for tour operators than any other broker in the UK and Ireland. We believe our success stems from understanding our customers’ needs and providing the best possible aviation support. In addition to finding appropriate aircraft and negotiating with the airlines we offer a full pre-flight service and 24 hour operational support for the flights that have been contracted.

Aviation Resource Management

Management of airport slots at restricted UK airports on behalf of overseas-based client airlines. Ford Aviation will take full responsibility for this complex area ensuring our clients experience is hassle free.

Pre & Post flight services

In addition to finding the aircraft and negotiating with the airlines we offer a full pre-flight service:

  • Collation of our customer passenger name lists, pre-seating, catering and special requests, then transmitting these to the carriers and airports’ Departure Control Systems. Our procedures are fully compliant with UK and European data protection regulations.
  • Invoicing
  • Account and passenger tax reconciliation
  • 24-hour flight watch

Clients and suppliers

Our clients and suppliers are located all over Europe but prominently in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Scandinavia. With an extensive network of clients and airline operators Ford Aviation ensures all enquiries are handled with the maximum efficiency; we provide a reliable, cost effective service.

Head Office

Our head office is located near London’s Gatwick Airport and acts as a centre around which our regional and European offices revolve – this extends our reach and provides our customers with easy access to our range of services. Our associate offices are conveniently located in Cyprus, Stockholm, Palma de Mallorca, Vienna and Milan.

Meet our team

Our team are dedicated, well trained and passionate about aviation and we aim to provide the best quality of service.

We believe that delivery of the best quality of service comes from having strong, trusting relationships with our clients and suppliers. We are always delighted to meet with industry colleagues at the key aviation trade events that we attend each year, or on a one-to-one basis at your convenience. Meet our team